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Probably about once a month, I get requests from local causes asking for raffle prizes.

Schools, charities and the like.

I always reply with a voucher for a free month’s membership.

I must have given out fifty of these bad boys over the years.

Did one just yesterday for someone who messaged the page.

Out of those 50 ish who’ve won a free month, do you know how many have used it?


Never had a single person turn up with one of those vouchers.

I’ve also given longer memberships to be auctioned off at events.

How many of the people that bid for and won and paid for those memberships then used them?

Every single one.

When something is free, we don’t value it.

When we first opened we ran ‘FREE 28 Day Body Transformations’.

The programme has evolved a lot over the years.

But it was, essentially, a four week version of the current eight week challenges.

It was just free from the start with an option to continue after.

A proportion did it properly and stayed on, of course.

But there was a large amount who did next to nothing with it then went all ‘radio silence’ and just, kinda, disappeared.

Not everyone who does the challenge ‘passes’ it and / or stays on.

But the overwhelming majority do.

Our success ratio and retention aren’t 100%.

But they walk all over any of our local competitors as far as I can see (nearing 400 success stories on our walls and site and 53 consecutive months fully booked versus somewhere between zero and ten successes and struggling to get members).

The deposit system acts as ‘skin in the game’.

Showing a degree of commitment and an intention to give it a good go.

And, when you’re a pound or two off the pace, you stay engaged and we figure out how to get you caught up.

Rather than thinking “It’s fine, I’ll still lose a stone or so”.

Or getting disheartened and disappearing over time.

So, if you’re already a ninja and aren’t fully at your target, remember there’s no limit to the number of challenges you can do.

If you’ve not already tried us out, you might be interested in finding out about if our system (which, as far as I can see, has helped more people in Macclesfield transform their lives and bodies than all our competitors combined) at our next find out more meeting –>

Much love,

Jon ‘Wowcher’ Hall and Matt ‘Groupon’ Nicholson

P.S. Yesterday’s middle names. Skin, Liver and Brain are, in order, the three biggest organs in the human body 🙂

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