Nothing good happens after midnight

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You ever heard that expression before?

“Nothing good happens after midnight”?

Often said by concerned parents to get their teenagers in at a reasonable hour.

And, from my experience, they’re right.

Although it seems a great idea to keep going into the small hours, that’s the bit we often regret.

The hangover gets disproportionately worse.

The chance of trouble increases considerably.

Whatever ‘action’ we were after will probably have happened by then if it’s going to.

We can apply similar cut offs to the rest of of life (one of the reasons, amongst others, that we do monthly intakes is to have that ‘cut off’ where people have to wait another month, in order to help with the constant “thinking about it” that always leaves it till “tomorrow”. If you’ve been “thinking about it”, you’ve probably thought enough – go check this link out for the next step –>

Chances are whatever balanced, nutritious meals we’re going to have will have been eaten by 7 or 8pm.

Anything we consume after that probably ain’t gonna be great.

And will probably be the bit we regret.

The demolished pack of biscuits or tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

The extra couple of drinks.

You may have heard of Intermittent Fasting.

Predefined periods of “not eating” (what “fasting” used to be known as).

Apparently does some magical stuff to our weight loss hormones.

It doesn’t.

When calorie matched, it works exactly the same as every other weight loss method.


It can be a really effective method………

Of achieving that principal of a calorie deficit.

Having that hard and fast rule can make it simpler an easier to do.

We could, of course, inhale a bottle of wine and family sized Dairy Milk before lunch.

But it’s unlikely.

Having periods where we plan not to eat……….

And stick to it………….

Can be the equivalent of going home at midnight.

95% of the enjoyment.

Way less chance of it all going a bit ‘Pete Tong’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Johnny’ Hall and Matt ‘Cinderella’ Nicholson

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