Off the beaten track?

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You ever tried going somewhere a bit different?


A restaurant you hadn’t heard of perhaps?


A place you hadn’t really heard much about?


Somewhere a bit ‘off the beaten track’?


And it was rubbish?


Or you’ve been somewhere everyone goes to.


Sight seeing in London?


A really popular restaurant?


A popular holiday destination?


And it was brilliant?


I’d imagine both of these things have happened to you.


It doesn’t always mean popular is good and less well known isn’t, of course.


But they often are.


Sometimes there’s a reason no one’s ‘beaten a track’ to that destination.


The best views of often have well beaten tracks to them.


Sometimes being different for the sake of being different doesn’t work out.


And it’s the same with ye olde weight loss and fitness game.


Many FitPros like to be different for the sake of it.


To promote their method and their method alone as being the ‘best’.


But, I usually think, if it is the best, why aren’t more people doing it?


Why only their clients?


Why hasn’t word of this amazing approach spread like wildfire?


The same basics that have always worked still work.


Being more mindful of what we’re eating and drinking.


A bit of planning ahead where beneficial.


Underpinning whatever approach we’re using with an average calorie deficit.


Finding a form of exercise that is effective and you find enjoyable and maintainable.


Some questioning of habits, mindsets, beliefs and the like.


—————- We help with all of the above BTW –> ——————


If something different works for you, then that’s awesome.


More power to you.


But don’t be different for being different’s sake.


When the ‘beaten track’ works so well.


Much love,


Jon ‘Beat It’ Hall and Matt ‘Billie Jean’ Nicholson



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