Paint the fence………..

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The other Bank Holiday Monday my good wife was and I were doing some jobs around the house.

One of the things she wanted to get sorted was painting a table and Charlie’s playhouse.

Reminded me of Karate Kid she did.

How old Mr Miyagi had Daniel-san painting his fence.

And cleaning his car.

“Wax on. Wax off!”

Young Danny boy got a bit frustrated to start.

Thought he was been taken advantage.

But it turns out their was a method to the madness.

When it came to doing the actual Karate moves, all that practice of those movements had made learning the moves relatively.


Pretty much everything gets easier with it.

The more we do at anything, the more skilled we get.

The easier we find it to do.

It’s the same with our healthier eating.

On average, each time we make a better choice, making that better choice the next time will be a bit easier to do.

The next time will be the hardest it will be (walking in the door to somewhere new is often hardest step, but all our success stories did it, never looked back and rate it as one of the best choices they ever made –>

It will get easier every time.

But only by doing.

Only by getting those reps in will we get better.

Paint the fence 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘ny Lawrence’ Hall and Matt ‘Cobra Kai’ Nicholson

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