Quitters never win?

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Have you heard the saying “Winners never quit and quitters never win?”

Up until a few years ago, I really didn’t like it.

I even did a blog on it (www.theacademygtc.co.uk/quitting-is-an-option-exercise-pressure).

About how it can be good to quit.

That there’s no point continuing with something that isn’t serving you.

That it’s what happens after you’ve quit that’s key.

And that by giving yourself permission to quit when needed, it’s easier to get started.


I’ve kinda done a U-turn on this.

Not so much on those concepts.

But on that specific word.


Mainly from hearing my kids say it.

“I want to quit swimming, drums, football, dance, etc”.

Or pointing out that their friend “Bob has quit” (name changed to protect the innocent.

It rankles a little when I hear it.

Not because I have a problem with them stopping some of their activities.

That’s fine sometimes as something has to give.

It’s just “quitting”.

Kinda suggests ‘giving up on something you really want to do because it got to hard’.

Stopping doing something is fine.

Taking a break from it is cool.

Slowing down and speeding up as circumstances dictates is essential.

But, quitting?

Fundamentally stopping completely?

On something we still want to do?

If you want to win, you will need to slow down and speed up along the way.

Maybe even take the odd pause.

But, quitting?

Much love,

Jon ‘India’ Hall and Matt ’16’ Nicholson

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