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The problem with many things that we set out to do in life is that the result is a sum of lots of smaller processes and decisions.

And each one in and of itself doesn’t do a great deal.

So it’s tempting to leave each one.

You can get away with that.

The benefit is of ‘doing it’ is often too vague and distant.

The benefit of not bothering is close and tempting.

But, of course, like all those ‘doing it’s add up, so do all those ‘not doing it’s.

Success comes more easily when we make these little decisions matter in the here and now.

When the consequences are immediate rather than in the distant future.

Where something good or bad happens straight away.

I saw a cracking example of this recently (in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear).

“Thomas Frank, an entrepreneur in Boulder, Colorado, wakes up at 5:55 each morning. And if he doesn’t, he has a tweet automatically scheduled that says, “It’s 6:10 and I’m not up because I’m lazy! Reply to this for $5 via PayPal (limit 5), assuming my alarm didn’t malfunction.”


Getting up early when we don’t really “need” to can be hard.

Old Tommy boy has made it so he has to get up.

And once he’s up, everything else he wants to get done then will kinda just flow on.

It’s the ‘gateway’ to those other actions.

Getting through that ‘gateway’ is the key that ‘unlocks’ everything that follows.

How can you do an equivalent?

How can you make it so that it actually matters in some way right now if you do or don’t workout or do or don’t make a better food choice or anything else?

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Much love,

Jon ‘£3.76’ Hall and Matt ‘0.0013 Bitcoins’ Nicholson

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