Silent but deadly?

My middle son (8 – that’s his age, obviously, not his name) is at the age where he, and his friends, find farting highly amusing.

I can tell from the cheeky smile that spreads across his face that he’s just done an SBD as he’ll describe it.

A ‘silent but deadly’.

Kinda describes members that leave too that.

There’s, generally speaking, two situations that occur when people leave us.

The first is that genuine logistical issues will get in the way.

Relocation, changes to work, money situation, etc.

All perfectly understandable.

The second is a lack of results.

It won’t normally be expressed as such.

It’ll be to “save money”.

But nothing has changed financially since they joined.

If they were getting the amazing, life changing results that many do, they wouldn’t feel the need to save money.

So it’s a lack of results really.

—————- Note: Whilst our success rate is waaayyyyyy above the industry average, we do have people not get results. So do our competitors. But they won’t admit that. Even though they never seem to have any success stories either ————-

And in those ‘lack of results’ there is an overwhelming pattern.

Of silence.

Of disengagement.

In the months leading up to their leaving, they haven’t been using our support systems.

Or responding to messages.

Or letting us know they’re struggling.

They’ve gone all ‘head in the sand’.

Coaching is a two way process.

We do what we can.

But we can’t do much when there’s nothing coming back the other way.

Those that are struggling but engage do better than they would’ve done in the past.

And usually go on to forward progress again over time.

Those that are struggling but go all ‘radio silence’………….

That’s the deadly combo.

So, already a ninja with us and struggling?

Stay engaged.

Touch base and set relevant and appropriate intentions on the site / app

Book sessions for the coming week(s).

If you genuinely can’t make it, you’ve then got the home workouts on the app / site.

But you’re more likely to make it if you’ve set that intention to go than if you haven’t.

Talk to us.

Stay engaged.

If you’re not already a ninja…………

And like the sound of a system designed to support you………..

Where people actually care if you get results…………

And do at a waaayyyyy higher rate than anywhere else around here………

Then here’s your next step –>

Much love,

Jon ‘SPD’ Hall and Matt ‘SBS’ Nicholson

About The Author

Jon Hall

Starting in the fitness industry in 2002 and working up from free-lance Personal Trainer to Club Manager, Area Manager, and now co-owner of The Academy - Group Transformation Centre as well as training new Personal Trainers for the PT Academy, running online programmes and developing support products for other PTs, Jon has seen and done it all in his chosen field.   With a passion for helping people change their lives by addressing thought processes and mental breaks (rather than shouting at people at telling them to eat less and move more), Jon has an unparalleled record in helping people achieve amazing life and body transformations.   Enter your info in the box to the right of the screen to find out more about how we can help your transform your life and body in as little as 28 Days.   You can read '28 things you might not know about Jon'' here   Visit the main Academy GTC site:   Website keywords: Macclesfield personal training weight loss gym