Sister Act 2?

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More Christmas tele talk………….

We watched Sister Act with the kids the week before Christmas.

You know, 1992.

Whoopi Goldberg.

I have a vaguely humorous Whoopi Goldberg story if we’re ever out sharing a beer.

Although I’ve given away the punchline already there ๐Ÿ™

The kids really enjoyed it (the film, not my humorous stories – they roll their eyes at them. Learned behaviour from the wife).

So we downloaded Sister Act 2 to watch some other time.

“Back in the habit” goes it’s tag line.

Gotta be done sometimes.

Whether it’s to keep your childhood school open (film story-line), eek out some extra revenue from a surprise Box Office hit (the film itself) or to get back to something you’ve dropped out of the habit of (in real life).

There’s a lot of talk about how long you have to do something for it to be a habit.

28 days or 66.

A certain number of times rather than days.

And so on.

But somethings never really become automatic even after thousands of goes.

Some stick real quick.

Sometimes we successfully change some and then something throws us back into the old ones.

Christmas, for example.

But, ultimately, there’s only one answer.

Whether we’re looking to create a new habit…………..

Get back into an old one…………

Or just keep doing something even when it’s always a little bit of a pain, because it’s worth it, and we’re ok with that……….

They all come from the ‘doing’.

So, where ever you ‘are’ right now………….

Just get that next workout done.

That next ‘better’ food choice.

That better night’s sleep.

Maybe those relaxation practices (we help with all of the above –>ย

Whatever it is, the only answer is in the ‘doing’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ Hall and Matt ‘Ghost’ Nicholson

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