Skint mode?

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What do we do when we’re skint?

When we’re short of money?

We spend less (hopefully)?

A simple adaptation to circumstance.

Nothing fancy going on, we’re just ‘down-regulating’ our outgoings because there’s insufficient incoming.

We may look at where the money is coming in from and going to a bit more tightly.

Maybe change how some of that’s happening.

But, it doesn’t stop the pounds in versus pounds out equation existing.

We’re just changing some of the numbers,

There’s no such thing as ‘skint mode’.

And it’s the same with what people call ‘starvation mode’.

When our body is faced with a shortage of incoming energy in, it reacts.

It may source energy from the different stores within the body a little differently.

Maybe chose to release energy a bit more from elsewhere and keep some of it back in fat stores.

It may down-regulate certain processes in the body.

Make them do less for a while.

Probably make us move less.


It doesn’t meant the energy in versus energy out ‘thing’ stops happening.

Our body hasn’t change fundamentally to where it can’t lose fat.

It’s just an adaption to circumstance (and some of these ‘adaptions’ only kick in when we’re actually starving, not just ‘quite hungry).

We would still lose our fat stores if that deficit was maintained.

The physiques of people in concentration camps bears that out.

It’s just we really struggle to maintain such large deficits.

And usually stop and go back to what we were doing before, if not more.

The reasonable deficit we can (on average) maintain………………

Always beats the bigger one that we can’t!

Much love,

Jon ‘Livert’ Hall and Matt ‘Braint’ Nicholson

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