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For those that don’t know, we have what’s called an InBody 720 down at The Academy.

A super advanced set of bio-impedance scales.

That measures obvious stuff like weight and body fat levels.

And also;

– Lean and fat mass distribution

– Protein, mineral and water levels

– Hip to waist ratio

– Visceral (internal) fat levels

Definitely a step up from what’s available at most places.

Should be at £5,500 to buy (we lease ours).

And we appreciate that those things can sound a little scary.

But it’s a great tool to be able to see more of what’s going on in the body.

It also works out BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate – our energy requirements ‘at rest’).

And a ‘recommended calorie intake’.

Which will be calculated to maintain weight if it’s within the ‘recommended’ range.

Or lose at an appropriate rate if it’s above that range.

The speed of loss depends, amongst other things, on the level of the BMR.

Which is largely dependant on size.

A tall, 20 stone guy with maintenance calories of over 3,000 can take a 1,250 a day deficit (2 1/2 lbs a week loss) relatively comfortably.

A short lady with a last 10lbs or so to lose and maintenance calories of 1,200 is going to find that somewhere between very hard and impossible.

And, I’ll be honest, the speed of loss built into the machine is relatively slow (we can, and do, advise on what would cause other rates of loss).

But a rate of loss it is.

It’s an amount of calories that will, absolutely guaranteed, cause that person to lose weight (provided they maintain activity levels).

Invariably though, it’s higher than most people were expecting.

“That seems a lot” is by far the most common response.

“I don’t think I’d lose weight on that” many follow up with.

And therein lies the kicker.

They definitely would.

So the only explanation is that their estimate of the calories they have been consuming in the past is out.

If the machine recommends 1,800 calories………………

And they feel they haven’t lost weight when averaging 1,200 calories in the past……………

It isn’t the machine that’s mistaken.

This isn’t, of course, said to be mean.

It’s to help people gain clarity.

To see what we can change, tweak and refine to get the results we desire.

Whilst keeping to a deficit that will lose us weight at a rate we’re happy with isn’t always easy…………..

It’s doable.

What is easy is to go far more over than we realised.

Some restaurant or pub meals can be a few thousand calories.

Couple that with a number of drinks and (dependant on our size) we might have a had a few days worth in one meal.

Doesn’t mean we can’t eat out, but, perhaps, it will make us make a few better decisions while we are.

The tub of Ben and Jerry’s or tube of Pringles (other late night ‘snacks’ are available) and bottle of wine can put us so far over it’s hard to average out that week.

Again, not to say we can’t have some, but just questioning the value of finishing the whole lot.

Ultimately, it’s worth remembering that recommended calories for weight loss WILL lose us weight.

If it doesn’t seem to, the errors probably lie elsewhere.

And realising that is a the invaluable first step to finding said errors.

Much love,

Jon ‘Lot 9’ Hall and Matt ‘$450,312,500’ Nicholson

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