That’s not a discount code…………..

Those of you that follow any fitness models types on Instagram will have probably notice that many of them share discounts codes with their followers.

You know “Use my discount code XYZ to get 30% of your first order and drop a dress size while eating what you like” and so on.

The thing is thought………….

They aren’t really discount codes.

They are commission codes.

In many of these cases, these models have been blessed by their looks and, possibly, genetics, trained hard to gain favourable physiques and used poses, lighting and filters to make themselves look even better.

They get thousands of likes.

But, you can’t pay your bills with likes.

And they don’t necessarily know how to monetise this social success they’re getting.

How to build a business that will help others while providing them with an income.

So they sell supplements.

Using a commission code from the supplement company.

So they get their cut when you purchase.

Dressed up a discount code as less people would use it if it was called what it is.

Now supplements aren’t bad things.

I’d recommend a multi-vit to anyone.

A bit of ‘nutritional insurance’.

Sure, the ones you get from Tesco and Holland and Barrett aren’t as high quality as some other brands.

But they’re good enough and a fraction of the cost.

Beyond that though, there’s a whole lot 98% of the population would benefit more from spending their time and money on than some supplement promoted by some Z List Celebrity, Instagram model or questionable health and fitness site or magazine.

If you’re not get some regular exercise (, eating in an average calorie deficit (or maintenance) and getting enough protein, water, fruit and veg and vitamins and minerals, then that’s your waaaayyyyyyy bigger win to concentrate on for now 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Datspell’ Hall and Matt ‘Commissioner’ Nicholson

About The Author

Jon Hall

Starting in the fitness industry in 2002 and working up from free-lance Personal Trainer to Club Manager, Area Manager, and now co-owner of The Academy - Group Transformation Centre as well as training new Personal Trainers for the PT Academy, running online programmes and developing support products for other PTs, Jon has seen and done it all in his chosen field.   With a passion for helping people change their lives by addressing thought processes and mental breaks (rather than shouting at people at telling them to eat less and move more), Jon has an unparalleled record in helping people achieve amazing life and body transformations.   Enter your info in the box to the right of the screen to find out more about how we can help your transform your life and body in as little as 28 Days.   You can read '28 things you might not know about Jon'' here   Visit the main Academy GTC site:   Website keywords: Macclesfield personal training weight loss gym