The best things in life are free?

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It’s a classic saying you’ll have hear many times.

“The best things in life are free”

But, is it really true?

Maybe from one perspective.

The love of a partner, parent or child isn’t something we can ‘pay’ for.

But we have to ‘invest’ time, energy, effort and enthusiasm into it to make it work.

Put absolutely nothing into those relationships and those relations will disappear at some point.

And, ultimately, with absolutely zero money, life would be very hard and those ‘free’ things wouldn’t be as enjoyable, I’m sure.

In the end, everything has a ‘cost’.

But many of these things are investments.

We get something good out of the other end.

Something more than worthwhile.

Otherwise we probably wouldn’t bother.

No one really likes paying taxes.

But the schools, medical care, road networks, relatively safety and much more that we all benefit from (plus not having to go to jail for tax evasion) make it worthwhile.

Whilst we can make exercise and healthy eating as enjoyable as possible…………..

If playing XBox, drinking gin and inhaling cheesecake had the same health, fitness and appearance benefits, I know which I’d choose.

There is a ‘price’.

But it’s huge investment.

The ROI is off the scale.

What we get out the other end makes it about the best investment we can make.

More energy, focus and confidence.

Better mood (and, usually, mental health).

A body we like the look and feel of (more, at least).

Living longer (or, as a minimum, being more likely to).

Less health issues.

More sex (hopefully).

And much more.

And what do we have to ‘pay’ with?

3 to 5% of the time in the week.

A bit of physical discomfort (but not too much).

A few percent of our monthly income.

Putting things in our mouths that are, at most, marginally less enjoyable and / or less convenient.

Stopping eating (or drinking) 10 or 20% earlier.

So, no – it’s not “free”.

But, I hope you agree, it’s about the best investment you can make ๐Ÿ™‚

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Much love,

Jon ‘Janet’ Hall and Matt ‘Luther’ Nicholson

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