The big one – Number 1,500

So, here it is.

Blog 1,500.

I thought I should make this an absolute cracker.

A big, fancy one.

But it doesn’t really need to be.

That’s often where we go wrong.

Thinking things have to be ‘perfect’ or they’re not worth doing.

Not exercising for a week (or months or years) because we couldn’t make a few GTP sessions (or some other form of exercise).

‘Writing off’ the rest of the day / week / month because of one or a few ‘less good’ food choices.

Life isn’t black or white.

It’s not like the films, where there’s music playing in the background when there’s a big choice to be made.

Success comes from the cumulation of dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of small, but somewhat better, choices.

One and half thousand small, easy to write and easy to read, okayish blogs adds up to way more than five that are more like War And Peace.

Me just choosing to write this blog and it being good enough, is good enough.

You just exercising when you can (and rescheduling to the nearest time you can, when you can’t)…………

And making better food decisions more often than not………

Is good enough 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Pepsi Max’ Hall and Matt ‘Grand National’ Nicholson

P.S. Details are up for the February meeting for the March programme –>

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