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Amongst other things, my youngest son Charlie got some new books for Christmas.

Amongst others, one of his new books was “Oi Dog”.

The third in the series after “Oi Cat” and “Oi Frog”.

You can also check out “Oi Duckbilled Platypus” and “Oi Puppies” if you like.

In the series the frog informs other animals of what various creatures will sit on.

“Gnus will sit on canoes” for example.

One page jumped out at me.

“What will whales sit on?” asked the dog.
“Whales will sit on nails,” said the frog.
“I’m not sure the whales will like that,” said the dog.
“They don’t have to like it,” said the frog, “they just have to do it.”

Which is a great shout.

That Frog knows the score.

They, and we, don’t have to like it.

We just have to do it.

It’s nice when we like it, of course.

Preferable really.

And when we “feel like it” too.

But neither is essential.

Neither makes any difference once we’re doing “it”.

All else being equal, the body responds exactly the same to the exercise and the better food choices we “don’t feel like” as it does to those we do.

And, I’m sure we know, from experience, that we’ll ‘like it’ and ‘feel like it’ much quicker by doing it than by not.

Often as soon as we’ve started.

And more so over time (many of our members express surprise how quickly they’ve come to like and feel like what they expected to be a bit of ‘slog’. Check if you like the sound of that).

We get it.

When you work in “fitness” people assume you love exercise and always “feel like it”.

Or that those that are getting better results than we are are like that.

But that’s rarely the case.

It’s the still doing it when we don’t, or didn’t, feel like it that’s made the difference.

And remembering that…………

And that the only way to feel more like doing it and to like it a little more……….

Is by doing it………..

Is massively powerful!

Much love,


P.S. From yesterday’s blogs, it was the things that happened in the year 1750 closest to mine and Matt’s birthdays (according to Wikipedia at least).

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