The least efficient way to burn fat ever

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Have you ever been advised that building muscle is a great way to “burn fat”.

That some form exercise will help you “build lean, tone muscle and turn you into a fat burning machine” or something similar?

If so, you may want to avoid the source of this advice.

You see muscle does use more energy that most other tissue.

Tis true!

An average of 6 calories per pound of body weight per day for most people.

If you’re interested, the other figures are – Internal organs (24.4 cals / lb), fat (2 cals / lb) and bone (1 cal / lb).

If you worked really hard for a quite a while you might expect to gain 5 to 10lbs of lean muscle mass.

It, obviously could be a lot more if that’s what you wanted, but that’s a not unrealistic amount.

And that would take some serious effort.

To increase you daily calorie burn by 30 to 60 calories.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours in the gym.

So you can have an eighth to a quarter of a Mars Bar extra per day?

Personally, I wouldn’t bother.

It’s a very inefficient way to reduce fat levels, compared to some barely noticeable tweaks to your eating.

And don’t worry about gaining muscle if that’s not what you want – you have to work incredibly hard and really train specifically for that to gain more than a little.

The ladies and gents you might see in a magazine or online who have huge slabs of muscle on them, have usually had a little chemical assistance.

As always, eat better for fat / weight loss.

Exercise for health, fitness, strength, endurance, energy levels, mood and everything else (it’s if you’d like a bit of help and support with both of these, and more).

Much love,

Jon ‘Bed Red Machine’ Hall and Matt ‘Gun Kelly’ Nicholson

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