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While we (I) are (am) talking about my middle son Jamie – a few weeks ago he took part in the local inter-school cross county competition.

Two years ago, as one of the oldest in the Year 1 and 2 group, he won the whole thing.

By quite a distance.

Last year, in the Year 3 and 4 race, he came twelfth.

Just edging out his best mate Bill after they were neck and neck all the way around.

Both boys heavily sucking air and holding their burning thighs after – they worked really hard that day.

Between those two races, Bill had been attending running club every week.

Jamie, despite playing a lot of sport, had some very little specific running training.

I warned Jamie that day “Bill’ll have you next year if things keep going this way”.

Things kept going that way.

Jamie being very active, but little actual ‘running’.

Bill training every week.

He told me his goal had become “to beat your Jamie”.

Which I was fine with – he’s a good lad, they’re great mates and it’s a bit of friendly competition.

I’m sure you can guess what happened.

Jamie came 10th.

Bill 5th.

“I did it. I finally did it” I heard him say to himself.

Because that’s what happens.

We become better at stuff only really by doing it.

Sure, similar stuff can help.

Theory and knowledge around it useful.

But nothing beats the actual doing.

In life, we start most things as somewhere between rubbish and mediocre.

And practice ourselves through average to alright to pretty good and, maybe, beyond.

But never without that practice.

We find exercise hard and that we feel we’re not good at it?

We’ll only get better by exercising.

Struggle with healthy eating?

We’ll only find it easier by eating healthily.

Try and mediate and get frustrated that we can’t immediately empty our head on attempt one and give up?

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Everyone felt the same the first time they tried.

But practice themselves to ok (and realised that ’empty head’ isn’t the goal and will only frustrate).

Ultimately, theory is great.

But action is the only thing that’ll get us there.

And we’ll get better at those actions only by doing them.

Much love,

Jon ‘101st out of 105 boys in Y7 Cross Country’ Hall and Matt ‘Yazoo’ Nicholson

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