The quickest way to increase your metabolism

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I saw an ad on Facey B workout.

For kinda-vaguely-similar thing to what we do.

But definitely not as good 😉

Apparently their workouts “boost your metabolism”.

Which, despite having heard variations of it for nearly two decades, I still don’t really know what it means.

What they’re probably referring to is what can be called the ‘afterburn’ effect.

The amount of increased energy your body continues to use AFTER the workout has finished.

And whilst there are differences in this across workouts;

1. It’s a minimal amount anyway (“Turning your body into a fat burning furnace for 72 hours” is nonsense).

2. When ‘work matched’ it’s the same across all forms of exercise (eg: a 5 mile walk versus eighty 100m sprints).

However, the good news is, there is a way to increase your metabolism.

The bad news is that you probably won’t want to do it.

When most people use the word metabolism, they mean what is known as your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

“The rate of energy expenditure per unit time by endothermic animals at rest”.

So how much energy our body uses when we’re chillin (with our homies).

Our Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is made of of;



Physical Activity (exercise and other movement)


Thermic effect of food (TEF – how much energy our body uses to ‘process’ our food)

Increasing PA is pretty obvious (do more stuff).

TEF is different for different foods and, whilst a factor, not a massive one compared to changing overall calories in.

So, how do we increase BMR?

Your internal organs use, on average, 24.4 cals per lb of your body weight.

Ie: You weigh 100 lbs, your organs use 244 calories per day.

Bone uses 1 calorie per lbs.

Fat 2.

Muscle 6.

You’re welcome to try and increase your organs if you like.

Bone density might go up a little for some – but hardly a big win.

So you’re left with gaining fat or muscle to “increase your metabolism”.

And, I’m sure you all know, gaining fat is waaaayyyyy easier than muscle.

So, that’s your answer.

The quickest way to increase your metabolism ………………

Is to gain weight.

Side note: That’s why people often gain weight then ‘settle’ at a level. If they maintain their average amount eaten, their TDEE (BMR + PA + TEF) will eventually match what they are eating and what was a surplus will turn to maintenance.

Now, we know that’s not the answer anyone wants.

“Boost your metabolism by getting fat” wouldn’t generate many customers.

But, better an ugly truth than a beautiful lie (check if you’ve had enough of these beautiful lies that never quite work out to be what they claim).

Exercise is great for helping you get fitter, stronger, faster, healthier and much more.

Good for mood, mental health, focus and the like.

And can contribute towards weight loss a bit.

But it’s not a big win at the best of times.

And anyone selling you metabolism boosting workouts is to be avoided.

Changes to what we have going in our mouths (portion sizes, tactical substations, a bit more attention to what we’re doing, etc) are by far the bigger win 🙂

Much love,


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