The surest way to fail

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I mentioned yesterday the surest way to forget.

Twas ‘to try and remember’ in case you missed it.


The surest way to fail.

In our attempts to eat better, exercise, change habits and lifestyle or anything else.

It’s to “try harder”.

Again, counter intuitive, I know.

And whilst effort is, of course required.

Just trying harder rarely works.

Maybe for a bit.

As long as we can use willpower to force ourselves to do something we don’t really want to do.

But, willpower is a finite resource.

It runs out.

We soon lose interest and stop.

Go back to old habits.

Just “trying harder” suggests we didn’t try last time.

And we probably did.

But it’s a bit like pushing the accelerator down harder and harder.

When the handbrake is still on.

We’d benefit from releasing those brakes.

And getting more movement from the same (or less) effort.

These brakes are our thoughts and beliefs around what we’re planning on trying harder at.

If we’re having to make ourselves do it, we clearly don’t want to do it.

At least not the way we’re perceiving it at the moment.

And that’s fine.

It’s our life.

But, if we were to frame the whole thing a bit differently………..

To tie in those ‘processes’ into what we do care about and want to do…………

We can be happy to and want to do those things.

The idea of having a six pack, being able to run fast and lift heavy weights kinda nice……..

But you’re not really that bothered by it?

Then you’re going to struggle to do everything that needs to be done for that the happen.

If you value being a good parent / partner / provider / boss / employer / employee………..

If you value having less aches and pains and / or more energy…………

If you value the improved mental health different lifestyle factors can affect………

Then you’ll probably find it easier to do the things that help with that.

Trying harder isn’t the answer.

Finding a way that you want to do it because of what it means to you and what’s important to you could be………….

Much love,

Jon ‘ure to communicate’ Hall

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