The surest way to forget

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Have you ever set out with the intention of making what you could call a ‘better’ lifestyle choice…………

You know, do a workout, do an online food order so you’ve got stuff in that will help you work towards your goal………

Meant to have a stretch or from roll, or get to bed earlier or drink more water…………

And just forgot?

I know I have.

I should imagine we all have.

Over the years we’ll have forgotten to do many, many things.

Only to realise at some point later that it didn’t happen.

Do you know what the surest way to forget is?

To try to remember.

To use memory alone.

To rely on it just popping back into our heads at the right moment.

Asking for trouble that.

Counter intuitive as that may seem.

If we remove the need to remember………

If we make it so a trusted system reminds us at the right point………..

It’s way more likely to happen.

We can still chose not to, of course.

But at least we won’t forget.

Our ‘trusted system’ can be whatever works for us.

Pop it in our existing schedule – phone, outlook, paper diary, etc.

Reminders on our phone.

I use Google keep with categories by day and time and location based reminders.

Setting a location based reminder for Tesco means that as soon as I walk in, my phone reminds me of some of the other things I wanted to get from there as well as the main reason I’d just gone.

Same with The Academy.

All of the kids’ nurseries / schools (when they’re going).

It could be post it notes on your laptop or fridge.

Putting something that reminds you of something somehwere you know you’ll see it at the opportune moment.

No right or wrong.

Find that system that works for you.

And don’t rely on trying to remember.

It’s the surest way to forget.

Much love,

Jon ‘Me Not’ Hall

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