The surest way to succeed

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Here it is.

The grand slam.

The fifth and (you’ll be pleased to hear) final ‘surest’ blog.

We’ve had the surest way to forget and fail and the surest exercise and way of eating to not stick to.


The surest way to succeed.

How can you make it so that you can succeed EVERY SINGLE DAY?

For the rest of your life?


Set the smallest thing that’s worth doing and is always doable, no matter what the circumstance.

It might not seem worth doing.

But it will be.

At the very least, lots of them will add up.

And, chances are, you’ll over achieve on many of them.

But it stops being a conversation of “can I XYZ today”.

And becomes more “how much” or “which” can I do.

When we accept that exercise (as defined in the dictionary) is “movement done with the intention of maintaining or improving health and fitness)…………

And there’s no mention of location, equipment, type, duration, etc…………

Then we know we can do it every day.

As long as it’s enough to elicit some degree of response, it is exercise.

One minute of (genuine) max reps of a body weight exercise in a minute is exercise.

We can do that every day.

A sufficiently challenging stretch is exercise.

Other than a coma, there’s no illness or injury that means we can’t do some of that.

If that’s all we do, it’s still worthwhile.

We can be sure we can do that.

And if we feel we have the time, space, equipment or anything else to do more, then that’s a bonus.

And we can track our food every day.

We might struggle to keep in a calorie deficit (or maintenance), sure.

But we can always track.

We can succeed on that every day.

And doing that will make it waaaaayyyyyyy more likely that we’ll succeed on olde deficit business.

The key to guaranteed success is to have that bare minimum that’s worthwhile (even if you don’t think it is).

And to do that or over-achieve on it.

Much love,

Jon ‘Henry III’ Hall

P.S. He succeeded King John 😉

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