There’s not many six packs?

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We had a comment on one of our before and after pics recently.


“There’s not many six packs?”


A quick check of his profile showed him to be a local FitPro.


A FitSemiPro if the amount of success stories on his page is a reflection on his income I suppose.


Maybe a FitAm actually.


I deleted the comment as I thought it a little unfair on the person who’s before and after it was on.


But it’s a ‘charge’ that’s been levelled at us before.


Usually by less successful FitPros.


Who have helped a very small number of people get in amazing shape.


Often (not always) young, injury free, low commitment and self motivated twenty somethings.


There’s nothing wrong with being any of those things, of course.


I remember fondly when I was one.


But it’s not particularly hard to help get a few people like that in amazing shape.


You know – super lean, ripped, hench, swole or whatever the latest term is.


Helping hundreds of people get in considerably better shape whilst juggling hectic lives (work, kids, other commitments, etc) is what we do.


Most having never got on with gyms, diets, slimming clubs and the like in the past.


Many having various injuries, aches and pains and so on.


Sure, not all that many end up with the sort of look you see on the front of exercise magazines.


Most actually aren’t all that bothered about that any more.


More energy, being able to keep up with the kids, aging better, being happy with what they see in the mirror, regaining lost confidence, coping better with life’s challenges and that kind of thing are what most who come to us are after (check LINK if that’s what you’re after).


And I’ll take hundreds doing that with our help over getting four twenty-somethings a six pack and day of the week 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Six pack of beer’ Hall and Matt ‘Tupac’ Nicholson



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