They didn’t like the T-Shirt

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The year is 2004.

————- As I’ve mentioned before when I do this type of this, it’s not. Don’t worry. Just a literary device I’m using (probably badly) —————

Your young (25) scribe has gone to The PubNameRedactedToPredictTheInnoncent in Sheffield.

With a view, I’ll be honest, to try and sleep with the land lady, who I’d been chatting to on (I’ve just checked, it’s still a thing).

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Anyway, it didn’t happen.

Partly, I think, as she and the rest of the customer still there, laughed at my T-Shirt.

I’d come straight from the Fitness First I was Personal Training at.

And the T-Shirt we were wearing at the time had the tagline the company were pushing.

One that I’d completely forgotten for the ensuing 7th of a century.

“Be yourself, only better” it said across the chest.

And I don’t think anyone there had realised it was a ‘work thing’ I was wearing.

And all thought it a bit lame.

I must’ve liked it though.

It must’ve stuck in my mind in some way though.

As it clearly helped shape the ‘principles’ of The Academy several years later.

They’re ‘graffitied’ across the top of one of the walls in the club.

And it was looking at this just that reminded me of that T-Shirt.

1. Be yourself

2. Have fun

3. Improve every day

I appear to have made that existing slogan into a ‘Have fun’ sandwich.


I still like these principles as much as when we chose them and as when I had two thirds of them on that T-Shirt.

Really encompasses what we do.

You can be yourself.

Feel comfortable in a group of like minded people.

Our journey of transformation isn’t about becoming a different person.

It’s more about removing everything else that’s built up and got in the way to reveal the real you inside.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”.

And you need to have fun along the way.

If we ain’t enjoying it (or, at worst, find it sufficiently tolerable), we won’t keep doing it.

Any anything we will completely stop it is pretty much pointless.

And improve every day.

Or most, at least.

It’s the little tweaks and refinements that add up.

The cumulative, compound effect of maintaining regular exercise rather than going all out then stopping.

Maintainable adjustments to what we eat that we can, on average, do for the rest of our lives.

Stopping alternating between living like a monk and eating like a wild animal.

To eating fairly sensibly most of the time and making sure the less sensible moments still keep us within an average.

Much love,

Jon ‘Monk-y’ Hall and Matt ‘Davy Jones’ Nicholson

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