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Whilst I’m on the subject of McDonald’s (yesterday’s blog, innit) – I was in one the other day.

————— Other fast food establishments are available by the way —————–

Full disclosure: I wasn’t eating as I’d already had my lunch.

But I happily would’ve if I hadn’t (check if you like the idea of working with people who live a normal life and, unlike most FitPros, don’t just hide any of the ‘less good’ stuff).

And I have many times over the years.

My step-daughter had asked if we could take her and her two friends on the way to another friend’s party they were going to.

I was tidying up after and noticed something on the packaging.

The nutritional info – calories, fat, saturated fat and salt.

Now a quick google shows this has been the case for quite some time now.

And it’s on the boards, the ordering screens, their website, MyFitnessPal and so on.

If there’s somewhere where it’s easier to find the nutritional content of what you’re about to eat, I’d like to see it.

Therefore it, surely, is easier to make a ‘healthier’ food choice there then anywhere else.

Maybe not the ‘best’ choice there is out there, sure.

And, of course, I wouldn’t advise visiting Ronald every day.

But you get the point.

There are tonnes of places where we might struggle to know accurately what we’re putting in our mouths (but we can have a good guess).

But this isn’t one of them.

And for any large chain food service place (restaurants, fast food places, etc) their nutritional content of the options is, at most, a google away.

If anything, knowing what you’re getting is easier in such places than it can be at home.

Might not be as ‘healthy’ in some respects.

But, you know where you stand, the impact of the choices and what may need to be adjusted for elsewhere.

Of course, we don’t have to stick to the ‘best’ option available.

We can go mental if we want.

We’re all grown ups.


If there’s one mindset that you can challenge that will help more than anything…………….

It’s that because of some circumstance (time, location, logistics) that…………..

“I may as well……”

Much love,

Jon ‘Hamburgler’ Hall and Matt ‘Mac Tonight’ Nicholson

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