They gave me a C1

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Last Wednesday I had to take the car in for it’s service.

For an extra tenner they could lend me a car for the day while they did it.

Our car is a Citroen C4 Picasso.

Need those 7 seats with four kids (and a wife).

They gave me a Citroen C1.

Which was fine as it would definitely be done before the next time we’d all be in at the same time.

And it was actually sorted before the school run so only I went in it.

But, man it felt weird pulling out of the car park.

Much smaller, lighter and less powerful.

Very different biting point on the clutch.

Half the controls were in different places.

I’m sure you’ve been there with courtesy / hire / new / someone else’s cars.

Feels really odd and much harder to start.

But then you’re fine after just a handful of miles.

Then the same when you get back into your own car.

Because it’s not actually any harder to drive is it?

Just different.

We’ve got so used to one way of doing things.

It’s become such an ingrained habit.

That something else no harder can initially seem much more difficult.

All our habits are the same.

Many changes we might make to eat healthier are no harder, as such.

Require no extra physical effort.

Just different effort.

Eating a smaller portion requires less effort of course.

Picking up different food when in the supermarket……….

Or pressing a different button on the online shop………

Requires the same effort.

Adding a few extra things into the above while you’re doing it anyway requires less effort than swinging via the take out on the way home later in the week.

There are plenty of “healthier” meals that require no more effort than an “unhealhier” option.

It’s tempting to draw unfair comparisons.

To compare a ready meal to a brand new recipe with dozens of ingredients all cooked from scratch.

Which is, obviously, way more effort.

But that’s like comparing going from your normal car to flying a plane.

Clearly harder but probably not too bad once you’ve got the hang of it.

Many of the changes we can make to live a healthier lifestyle may feel harder.

But, like a new car, that difficulty is in changing a habit (and, maybe, in taking that first step by booking in here –>

It’s, essentially, in our heads.

And that gets easier pretty quickly 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘3-PO’ Hall and Matt ‘U Jimmy’ Nicholson

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