“They should re-nationalise the railways”

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If you’ve been reading these blogs for the last few weeks, you’ll know I had to get a train to Durham recently to sort my eldest son’s passport out.

If you haven’t been reading them, what is wrong with you? 😉

On the way up there was a bit of a incident.

The ticket inspector came through the carriage.

Checking our tickets.


That’s how they roll!

I had mine on the train app and was good to go.

On inspection, the inspector informed the lady in the seat in front of me that she had the wrong ticket.

It was a Cross-County train and she’d bought a Virgin ticket from the machine at the station.

And would, therefore, have to buy a new ticket.

She was furious.

Shouting at the inspector.

Accusing them him / them of “ripping off hard working people like me”.

And it being “a great big con”.

That “they should re-nationalise the railways” (which was particularly funny as she was only about 20 so wasn’t alive during the nationalised rail network and the inspector informed her “if they did that, there’d be no £15 tickets for this journey”).

It then spiralled into a series of clearly made up on the spot justifications where it said on the machine that this ticket was ok and that the station guard had confirmed it was fine.

Now, I get that no one likes wasting money.

I can understand her frustration.

But, ultimately, the situation was entirely of her own creation.

She’d not read the explanation and had bought the wrong ticket / got on the wrong train for the ticket she’d bought.



Anyone’s else’s doing?


As are many things in life.

There can be confusion and uncertainty on what’s right to do.

In some cases actual miss-information and hidden agendas.

And making the ‘right’ decision can be incredibly hard.


Ultimately, only we are responsible for those choices (oooohh, ooohhhhh, I have what many of our members have referred to as “one of the best choices I’ve ever made”. Clicking this link to take the next step with us –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Only we live with all the consequences, both positive and negative.

Only we can learn when we make a mistake and endeavour to do differently next time.

But we can only do that if we take that responsibility, rather than doing the equivalent of blaming ‘privatising of the railways’.

Much love,

Jon ‘stone’ Hall and Matt ‘lock Bath’ Nicholson

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