Tonne of feathers or tonne of coal?

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My niece asked me a question the other day.

“Would you rather that a tonne of feathers or a tonne of coal landed on your head?”

“Easy” I replied.

“Tonne of feathers.”

“They’re the same weight” she, correctly, pointed out.

“I get that. But it’a not just the weight. Feathers are soft and coal is hard. If each tonne was loose, the feathers would just spread around me while the coal bashed me hard on the head”

“Even if they were in a bag or similar, the feather bag would be bigger and softer and the impact less”.

On that one measurement, they are the same.

But there’s more than one measurement that’s relevant there.

All else being equal, there’s no difference between them.

But ‘all else’ isn’t always equal.

It’s the same with food.

500 calories of ice cream and 500 calories of chicken and veg will, all else being equal, have the exact same impact on our weight gain or loss.

But current food decisions can affect future food decisions.

There’s been research that shows that when left to pick their own portion sizes later in the day (“ad libitum feeding” innit)……………

A group that had a calorie controlled but high sugar breakfast…………

Ate more later on than the group that had and equal number of calories from a more balanced breakfast.

Whilst weight loss does boil down to calories in versus calories out………..

We’ve always found basing that on a majority of our energy from a balanced diet of relatively unprocessed and fresh wholefoods (with an amount of the other stuff within an overall balance) is a much more ‘doable’ way to maintain that deficit.

Much love,

Jon ‘McGraw’ Hall and Matt ‘Nat King’ Nicholson

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