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I recently posted the following in our members only Facebook group:

Why ‘Coach’ (and Chief)?

Someone asked me this morning why we use the terms ‘Ninja Coach’ and ‘Chief Ninja’ (and, therefore, not the standard industry terms).

I’ve mentioned it before but not for quite a long, so I thought it worth recapping.

In my opinion at least;

An Instructor gives you answers to their questions

A Consultant gives you the answers to your questions

A Coach helps you asks better questions

A Boss sits above people and tells them what to do

A Chief sits amongst the group, helps guide them and leads them to prosperity



I was thinking about this the other day.

About questions.

The questions we ask ourselves on a minute by minute basis.

“What should I do about XYZ at work?”

“What should I have for lunch?”

“Do I really have time for a workout?”

“Should I have another glass of wine?”

“I’m peckish, what have I got in?”

And so on………………..

Just a few there of the many thousands of things we ask ourselves every day of our lives.

Often the more questions we ask, the more we talk ourselves out of the decisions that we, perhaps, know we should make.

The more likely we are to skip the workout, grab a take out and follow it up with a bottle of wine and tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

So, perhaps, the key is to ask just enough questions.

To ask the right one(s) first.

And leave it at that.

“Do I want more energy, to feel better and to have a body I like the look and feel of more?”


Done – leave it at that.

No more questions.

They’ll only cloud the issue.

We have our answer.

Let’s go do some things that will make it happen.

Life can be very simple if you ask the right question(s) first and leave it at that ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,

Jon ‘TIme’ Hall and Matt ‘Mark’ Nicholson

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