Twenty five over par

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Imagine you’re playing golf.

With two of your friends.

They both pride themselves on differing aspects of their game.

One of their long game.

The other on their short game.

You go to play.

The first friend goes to tee off.

Cracking shot.

Straight down the fairway and on to the green.

The second friends steps up.

Does a little tap of a few feet.

“Exactly where I meant to place it” he says.

He keeps doing more of the same – really precise, but short shots.

He’s on 30 by the time he gets to the green and putts it.

Second friend goes to take his second shot.

And absolutely drills it 300 yards to the fourth hole.

Then tries to do the same again to get it back to the right green.

And so on.

Both terrible ways to play golf, of course.

Relying solely on a long or short game.

It’s the right combination of the two (and everything in between) that leads to the best results.

And it’s the same with our goals.

Being our target weight in a year or two and increasing the change of living longer in a few decades are both great things.

But, by themselves, often a little too distant compared to the extra slice off cake or glass of wine in front of us now.

But, combining that with “feeling better straight away after my workout”…………..

“Having more energy tomorrow”………….

“Feeling less bloated and sluggish in a few days”………..

And the like………..

Are way more effective.

Combine your ‘long’ and ‘short’ game in the way that works best for you 🙂

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Much love,

Jon ‘GTI’ Hall and Matt ‘Birdie’ Nicholson

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