Two months for free or living longer?

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You may know that our challenge system is designed to encourage and reward progress.


Get a good result and you can get two month’s of membership refunded (or the next two for free).


We get that that’s part of our great success rate.


The programme is good (great I’d say), but that cash incentive is a powerful one.


It can be a double edged sword though.


People sometimes find a drop in motivation when they’ve completed a challenge.


I get that.


Motivation often drops after two months or so anyway.


And when one of you incentives has gone, that’s understandable.


————— Although you can do more than one challenge so can get all the way to great shape. Like Martin who has lost nearly 100lbs with us and hasn’t paid a penny for it —————


We have people say things like “I need to do another challenge to get motivated again”.


Or “I don’t feel as motivated now I haven’t got the financial incentive of a challenge”


Which makes sense on the surface.


But, when you think about it, is actually madness.


What a challenge gives someone is more energy, increased self esteem, an increased change of living longer and much more.


Surely more important than any cash incentive?


If I came at it from the opposite angle………….


And said “I’ll pay for your next two month’s of our programme or your gym membership or even your mortgage, but you’d have to had less energy, lower self esteem and an increased likelihood of dying younger”…………..


Would you take it?


I assume not.


Those things are way more important.


We’re happy to continue to offer both at the same time (the find out more meeting is tonight if you, or a friend, want to find out how that combination of quality programme, great support and ‘skin in the game’ helps us get, by far, the best successes in Macclesfield and beyond –>


We know that helps.


But never forget that the result is worth a million times more than the money.


Much love,


Jon ’56 days’ Hall and Matt ‘4,838,400 seconds’ Nicholson



The Academy Group Transformation Centre Macclesfield –


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