Variable speed limit

You ever been on the motorway and seen one of those variable speed limit bad boys?

You know, the ones that slow you down to, let’s say 50mph.

Even though you could do 70 at that point.

It’ll be because there’s some sort of slowness going on up ahead.

Or they’re trying to prevent it.

Going slower at certain points reduces actual stoppage.

And, overall, makes you go quicker on average.

You get there quicker by going slower at certain points.

Because it stops the stopping.

The stopping is the worst thing for steady progress.

We could all do the with the equivalent of variable speed limits in our lives sometimes.

Life gets in the way.

Circumstance will dictate that we can’t always go at ’70’.

A bit of slowing to 50, or even 30 or 20, is fine when that happens.

Way better than stopping.

Much easier to speed back up when the problem clears than it is to get going from a standing start.

Can’t make as many workouts as you’d like?

Do as many as you can.

Can’t eat as well as you’d like?

Eat as well as you can (or at least closer than you could’ve).

Slow down.

Speed up.

Don’t stop (it’s to get started, this time for the last time).

Much love,

Jon ‘Variable lots of things’ Hall and Matt ‘Resistor’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall

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