“We are looking for 12 motivated people”

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There seems to be trends in Facebook advertising.

A few years ago half the ads in my feed seemed to be of someone shaking hands with Richard Branson or Tony Robbins.

Like their entrepreneurial skills had transferred to the ad creator through osmosis and they now could do the same for me.

Then it was Gary V.

Then lots of FitPros with Eddie Hall around the time he won World’s Strongest Man – again that knowledge and strength passing into them from that single handshake at the BodyPower exposition.

The last few months, I’ve been seeing the same phrase a lot.

So I’m assuming some FitPro marketing guru (or two) has used it and it’s trickled down.

Something along the lines of……….

‘We’re looking for 12 motivated women to join our 6 week programme”.

There a word that jumps out to me there.

It’s the 5th one.


Because, surely, for a large proportion of people who might seek the advice, support and / or direction of a FitPro……….

Motivation is one of the things they’re struggling with?

Sure, some people are already absolutely fine with their motivation levels and want someone to teach them the finer points and help them get the most from their workouts…………..

But most people probably already know more than they’re actually consistently using.

It’s the motivation and enthusiasm to do it consistently (on average) for long enough to get the result they desire that they, perhaps, need help with?

And to then stay there.

More information isn’t the answer for them.

Or, at least, not the entirety of the answer.

And, even if I do say so myself…………….

What we’re good at is………….

Helping people move from a position of needing motivation and “will power” to, kinda, make themselves do something they don’t really want to do…………..

To it becoming a habit and way of life that they “just do” most of the time – enough of the time to get what they want.

That’s key.

Motivation and willpower are finite resources.

They runs out.

Achievement of our goals often comes not from having more of them………….

But from having to use them less 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Dirty Dozen’ Hall and Matt ‘Bakers’ Nicholson

P.S. We are looking for some unmotivated people who are tired of having to constantly force themselves to do stuff for as long as that willpower holds out. Check out www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting for the next step 🙂

P.P.S. 10 extra ninja points for anyone who gets the secondary meaning behind Matt’s middle name……………..

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