“We need more equipment”

Here’s another parallel from our many conversations and experiences with fellow FitPros over the years.

The standard FitPro response to not having enough clients……….

Is to buy (or lease) more equipment.

Either more of the same to make a facility look better.

Or some new stuff they don’t already have.

Now there’s nothing wrong with buying new equipment to improve an offering.

I daren’t work out how much we’ve spent on equipment over the years.

And we just got a load of new stuff in a few weeks ago.

But if a FitPro doesn’t have enough clients then, in my opinion at least, more equipment isn’t the answer.

Maybe a small part of a bigger answer at most.

The parallel (that I see, at least) in most people’s health, fitness and weight loss journey is…………..

Meal plans.

From our experience the most common request of people struggling to lose weight is more meal or diet plans.

“Tell me what to eat” they may say.

And that may be part of the answer.

But not the entirety.

By the time most people come to us, they have multiple books with recipes in.

And there’s millions more for free on the internet.

All of which, if followed appropriately and precisely would elicit weight loss.

More can be part of the solution.

But only part.

To get more clients (again in my humble opinion) a FitPro needs to become better at helping their existing clients get results.

More equipment may be a little part of that.

But developing their ability to support and motivate people plays a bigger part.

And for most people looking to lose weight, they needs to develop their understanding of what works and why.

To find a version of that that fits with their own likes, dislikes and preferences.

How to build that into their already busy and challenging lives.

And how to have the flexibility within that so that they’re not derailed the second that can’t “stick to the plan”.

If you’re a current member, you’ll find your answer through a combination of the Phase stuff on the app / site and conversations with the coaches.

If you’re not a member, what are you waiting for? –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting.

Much love,

Jon ‘KO8s’ Hall and Matt ‘Plyo boxes’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall

Starting in the fitness industry in 2002 and working up from free-lance Personal Trainer to Club Manager, Area Manager, and now co-owner of The Academy - Group Transformation Centre as well as training new Personal Trainers for the PT Academy, running online programmes and developing support products for other PTs, Jon has seen and done it all in his chosen field.   With a passion for helping people change their lives by addressing thought processes and mental breaks (rather than shouting at people at telling them to eat less and move more), Jon has an unparalleled record in helping people achieve amazing life and body transformations.   Enter your info in the box to the right of the screen to find out more about how we can help your transform your life and body in as little as 28 Days.   You can read '28 things you might not know about Jon'' here   Visit the main Academy GTC site: www.theacademygtc.co.uk   Website keywords: Macclesfield personal training weight loss gym