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You may or may not know this, but SuperBowl down at Lyme Green has ‘Kids for Quids’ on from 9am to 10am.

A pound a game for kids and £2 for adults if you’re in before 10am.

Which is great for us as we can have two games for the six of us for £16 which is a relatively cheap start to a school summer holidays day that needs filling up.

It would be £52 otherwise / we wouldn’t do it!

Lazer Quest is also only £2 before 10, FYI.

I was there the other day with my step-daughter.

And, afterwards, as we usually do, we had a game of ‘Down The Clown’.

One of those arcade game things where you have to throw balls at clown face targets and knock them down.

It’s the only one you can fairly consistently make a profit on.

If there’s two (or more) good throwers you can get the 500 points that gives you 500 tickets at least two thirds of the time.

And 500 tickets gets you more than the £1 you spent on the machine.

We’ve had times where we’ve spent a £3 and got 1,500 tickets and come out with arms full of stuff.

When I say you have to get 500 points, that’s on the first game.

When you get that, the score (as displayed on a screen) needed goes up.

Usually to 550, then to 600.

Which is why we’ve always stopped at £3’s worth – 650 points is really pushing it.

We forgot this the other day.

Got 400 odd on the first go.

Then 550.

Then a 530.

Put the tickets in the ‘ticket eater’.

And in printed a slip for 600 total tickets, not the 1,050 I was expecting.

I was about to mention it until we realised what had happened.

The target had moved.

Which is always does.

In many areas of life.

Sometimes a little unfairly.

Sometimes completely fairly.

People often come to us with some variation of “I don’t understand, I’m eating the same as I was before, but I’ve stopped losing weight”.

Their target has moved.

Completely fairly actually.

Our Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is made up of;

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR – how much energy we use at rest)


Thermic Effect of Food (TEF – energy used ‘processing’ our food withing the body)


None Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT – energy used through none exercise movement)


Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (EAT – energy used through exercise movement)

TEF is mainly dependant on the food choices themselves and, if they are the same, will remain equal.

The other three will drop as you lose weight though.

Because there is less of you.

Fat stores use 2 calories per pound per day.

Lose 30lbs and you need 60lbs less per day.

Let’s say your EAT + NEAT was 1,050 calories per day when you started.

That 30lbs weight loss is one seventh of your weight (15 stone down to 12 stone 12lbs).

Your new EAT + NEAT is one seventh (150 calories) less than it was before.

Overall, your TDEE is 210 calories less than is was, all else being equal.

What was a 210 per day deficit is now maintenance.

You’d need to cut intake by a further 210 per day to maintain the weight loss from when you started.

All these numbers can be adjusted accordingly.

But you get the idea.

Whilst, like that bloody clown, it can be seen as somewhat unfair to, essentially, punish you for doing well………

It’s completely fair really.

The opposite applied when we gained weight, otherwise we’d have kept gaining indefinitely.

In the grand scheme of things though, this is a lesser consideration to what is usually the bigger factor in “I’m eating the same, but I’ve stopped losing weight” mystery.

And I’ll cover that tomorrow 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Daytona’ Hall and Matt ‘Pacman’ Nicholson

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