What did Santa bring you?

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So, Christmas is well and truly over.

Hopefully you all had a nice time.

What presents did you get?

If I asked you to get a pen and paper out now and write them all down, we’d probably all struggle to even remember half of them, I’m sure.

I know I would.

Even an hour or two after finishing opening them I know I wouldn’t get them all.

Bit like the ‘Generation Game’ innit?

If we even tried to guess how many different items we received, I reckon nearly all of us would underestimate.

As we are wont (funny word that isn’t it?) to do.

We’re the same with most things.

Forgetting a lot of it pretty quickly.

And being more likely to under rather than over estimate.

Just like we are with our food.

I’ve mentioned before that research shows that all different ‘populations’ under-estimate their food intake from recollection alone.

Not, ever person, sure.

But the overwhelming majority.

And all ‘types’ of people.

FitPros (like ourselves), dietitians, doctors and more.

And that’s a useful thing to know.

When it appears that we should be losing weight but we aren’t, we can be assured that one of two things has happened;

1. We have become the first ever person to not lose weight over time in a confirmed, consistent calorie deficit, or

2. We’re under-estimating and / or just plain forgetting, like pretty much everyone else on the planet does

And I’m sure we know which of these is more likely.

Knowing that is empowering.

It stops being a case of us being unfortunate or it being unfair.

And becomes one of figuring out what we’re missing.

And of how to make some tactical swaps to make it happen.

If you’re already a member and need help with that, just ask us (and check out the Phase material on the app or site if you haven’t already).

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You have two choices now.

Join the place that’ll take you (and anyone with a wallet and a pulse) right now, because they never have enough members, even when they’re throwing offers out left, right and centre in January.

Or wait a few weeks and check us out (details of our monthly find out more meeting are up at www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Much love,

Jon ‘Santos L Halper’ Hall and Matt ‘Cruz’ Nicholson

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