What happens after happily ever after?

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You seen the Shrek films?

You know – big, green ogre lad and his mate who is a Donkey.

At the end of the first film, Shrek and Princess Fiona get it on and they are all set to live “happily ever after”.

The second film had the tag line “What happens after happily ever after?”.

Because, of course, there’s usually a lot still to come at that point.

Most films cover the story up to that point.

Which might only be a few weeks or months.

And there is years and years of ‘ever after’.

Up to “happily ever after” only tells the first 5% or so of the total story.

After “happily ever after” is the remaining 95%.

The ‘ever after’ is where many eating approaches fall down.

Any ‘diet’ works.

If it’s well known enough for us to have heard about it, it will elicit weight loss when done ‘properly’.

But what then happens after the ‘diet’ that is key.

Whether someone has hit their initial goal or just found it impossible to maintain………………..

It’s what they do next that is 95% of the whole story.

If the 5% (if that) was so restrictive that we rebound to the opposite end of the extreme, it was pointless.

It’s why the vast majority of people regain lost weight plus an average additional 8%.

Periods of quicker forward progress are fine of course.

Make hay while the sun shines (if September is a good time to get off to a good start for you or a friend, here’s your next step –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

When, for whatever reason, it’s easier, don’t hold yourself back unnecessarily.

Just alternate them with slower progress or maintenance, rather than going into reverse.

Much love,

Jon ‘Donkey’ Hall and Matt ‘Puss’ Nicholson

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