“Why should I bother if everyone else is breaking lockdown?”

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I mentioned in a blog the other week about how’s it’s tempting to think that “everyone is breaking lockdown”.

And, whilst plenty clearly are, it’s the visibility of those that makes it seem a higher proportion than it actually is.

When we perceive that “everyone is breaking lockdown” it’s also much more tempting for us to do the same.

“Why should I not XYZ when all these idiots are ruining it for everyone”.

As a species, we often naturally slide to what we perceive as the ‘average’ behaviour of others.

Whilst we may think of ourselves as a “good person”, if all our friends fiddled their taxes, broke lockdown and and drove at 40 in a 30, we’d be more likely to do the same.

It’s called ‘ethical fading’.

Imagine if everyone we ever saw exercised every day, ate fresh, nutritious food in calorie maintenance, was full of energy and had single digit body fat percentage levels.

We’d probably be in better shape than we are now, wouldn’t we?

If every time we ever said the day / weekend / week was a “write off” and proceeded to eat and drink even more……………

Everyone just looked at us like we were mad and said “that doesn’t make any sense”.

If no one else ever said that they “deserved” a drink.

If exercise and meditation was the ‘go to’ relaxant for all the people you associated with.

If we didn’t know a single person who didn’t get in bed about 8 hours before they were due to wake up.

You’d probably behave a little different, wouldn’t you?

I know I would.

Now I know none of this things are ever going to stop.

But, we can alter our exposure to them.

There’s a saying that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

Doesn’t mean you need to never see certain people again.

But you can spend a little more time with people who’s average behaviour you’d like to do more of.

Not easy at the moment, sure.

But we can makes tweaks.

More interactions with different people online.

Doing GTP: Park sessions if you’re a member (it’s not just about the workout).

Staying engaged and active in the Facebook group.

And, just being aware that other’s behaviour can affect our own is powerful.

Reminding ourselves of what our fundamental beliefs are.

What’s important to us.

What we value.

And remembering that others doing the opposite doesn’t HAVE to impact that.

Unless we allow it to.

Much love,

Jon ‘ing Bad’ Hall

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