Why we don’t do phone calls

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If you’re reading this, you’ll probably be aware that the way new members come to join us is as follows;

Enter email on website / Facebook –> Read some emails –> Book in for monthly find out more meeting by entering email –> Turn up to meeting –> Have a listen and decide if they’d like to apply for a place

Sometimes that process is mega quick – book in for a meeting straight away that is in the next day or so, etc.

Sometimes it takes years – we’ve had people read these blogs for 5 years before ending up getting started.

But that’s the way we do it.

Sometimes people ask if they can speak to us on the phone instead.

And it’s not that we refuse to use the phone.

But, we’d rather stick to this process.

For a few reasons.

1. As what we do is quite different to anything else out there, it’s quite hard to get a good idea of it over the phone – coming down, seeing the place and hearing and seeing what we do enables people to make a much more informed decision

2. I don’t really like doing phone calls.

I’ve found more and more over the years that phone calls have become hard work.

Possibly because we’re all out of practice compared to a generation ago.

But whenever I call to book something or sort something out it always seems to take a lot more explaining and there’s a lot more confusion than there used to be.

If there’s an option to sort something online rather than calling, I’ll take that.

I could, of course, force myself to make the calls.

But we don’t need to.

The programme has sold out for 56 consecutive months and counting with the current system, having taken a couple of years to build up to capacity.

Phone calls are, ultimately, something I don’t like to do and don’t need to do.

And any approach to anything that involves things you don’t like or need to do, is doomed to failure.

If I’d have had to do X amount of calls per month for the last 7 years, I probably wouldn’t have.

Or I would and wouldn’t have enjoyed what I do as much.

And it would’ve taken time away from the stuff I like to do and am good at (such as writing these bad boys).

And it’s the same with any goal.

A bit of stuff we’re less keen on is ok.

But too much is doomed to failure.

And if we don’t actually need to do it and it can be done another way that we prefer, then what’s the point?

We can lose weight with any method as long as it creates the principal of a calorie deficit.

More to healthy eating than that, of course – but that deficit has to be there for weight loss.

We can give different days different names or colours and rules around what that means.

We can restrict out eating to certain times.

We can reduce or eliminate certain food groups or macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat).

We can just question food choices and habits and try new ones on for size.

We can do any form of exercise that creates a sufficient (but not excessive) challenge to the body.

There’s no right or wrong (as long as certain principles are hit by the method).

But, we need to find it, at the very least, sufficiently enjoyable.

Hate it and we probably won’t do it enough to get what we want.

Whatever path you chose to you goal it has to go in the right direction and be something you’re ok doing (check the Phase material if you’re a member and aren’t 100% sure on those principals that need to be hit. Get booked in for the meeting if you’re not a member yet and you haven’t found that approach you enjoy –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

Much love,

Jon ‘What’s E.T. short for?’ Hall and Matt ‘Because he’s got little legs’ Nicholson

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