The other week my eldest son started saying “Yeet!” a lot for no apparent reason.

Google informs me that “The yeet is a viral 2014 dance involving moving your shoulders and slightly bent legs together with arms outstretched. It inspired various memes and popularized yeet as an expression of excitement.”

It seems everyone in his school is saying it at the moment.

Little behind they are 😉

The first few times he said it it was mildly amusing (well, tolerable anyway).

It quickly became too much.

After a few days I suggested he not say it so much.

And I’m close to suggesting he never say it again.

It reminds me of me circa 1988 when I said “Allo every peeps. Stavros innit” (the Harry Enfield character) so many times my mum banned me from ever saying it again.

And a couple of years ago when my second son made up quite a good joke (I forget what it was now) and kept saying it until it all the humour had been beaten out of it.

That’s the thing with stuff like that.

Easily overdone.

Fine in appropriate doses.

Good even.

But too much quickly ruins it.

It’s like cake, biscuits, chocolate, wine, beer, etc.

All fine.

Good even.

When we’re having an amount that we’re enjoying and, overall, we’re happy with our situation, then why not?

It’s when they get overused that we should, perhaps, question things.

When we don’t enjoy it as much as we used to.

And it’s contributing to us being unhappy overall.

Doesn’t mean we have to stop forever.

That rarely works.

And doesn’t sound much fun.

But, like a good joke or (supposedly) humorous expression………..

A degree of moderation is key.

Stop before the point where it stops being enjoyable.

Much love,

Jon ‘Yeeti’ Hall and Matt ‘Veet’ Nicholson

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