“You can’t handle the……….”

I’m sure we all remember the line.

From the 1992 Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore film “A Few Good Men”.

“You can’t handle the truth” Jack Nicholson’s character bellows at Tom Cruise’s.

The thing is though we can usually handle the truth fine.

We’re not daft.

We know that the reason we don’t have the body we might like is because of the way we’ve eaten and / or exercised (or not) over the last however many years.

Sure, we might have a few self limiting beliefs, habits, etc in there that make it all harder than it has to be.

But we know and can handle the truth about what has / hasn’t happened.

What we often struggle to handle though is the…………..


As you know, we’re all about making it all as fun and enjoyable as possible.

But that’s all relative.

It can get a bit boring sometimes.

Most things in life worth doing can.

Turning out for workout after workout for years on end.

Making better food choices more often than not.

We all get that “can’t be arsed” feeling sometimes.

A lot of the time to be honest.

It’s what we do then that’s the key.

Stopping then is a guaranteed way to not getting what we want.

Carrying on when we feel a bit bored, a bit “meh”, is the only way to ever feel like it again.

When we feel that those that keep doing it and are getting the results are somehow different to us…………

Always motivated………….

Love it………….

And so on………….

Then we do ourselves a disservice.

We make it harder than it has to be.

Make it as fun and enjoyable as possible (or let us do that for you –>


But just accept that sometimes it’ll bore you and you’ll feel you “can’t be arsed”.

And that success can come from being able to handle that 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘No truth handler you’ Hall and Matt ‘I deride your truth handling capabilities’ Nicholson

P.S. Two bonus ninja points for those middle names 🙂

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