“You don’t have to like it to eat it”

Those of you that have kids will know how surprisingly difficult it can be to get them to eat.

Those that don’t can, I’m sure, imagine.

“I don’t like it” is a standard response in our house.

To which I always reply “You don’t have to like it to eat it”.

Which I’m sure is marginally less annoying than when my mum used to say to me “Have you ever tried it?” even though she new perfectly well she’d served it to me about a million times.

It, obviously, helps when eating if you like what you’re eating.

But it’s not actually necessary.

We can achieve the desired result (not being hungry) by just following the process (eating) whether we particularly want to or not.

And, funnily enough, once they get going, they often find it, at least, ok.

And, if we never ate anything we didn’t like first time, we’d end up a pretty fussy eater as an adult.

Only by eating things we don’t like can we end up ever liking them.

And it’s the same with anything.

Feeling like it is nice.

But isn’t really necessary.

Don’t feel like making a better food choice or having a workout?

Be nicer if we did, of course.


We don’t have to feel like it to do it.

And, chances are, once you get going, you’ll find it, at least, ok.

Maybe even more enjoyable than you expected.

Only by doing things we don’t feel like can we end up ever feeling like them.

Always remember…………..

You don’t have to feel like it to do it.

Much love,

Jon ‘My eldest once asked my mother-in-law what was for tea and then replied with “Yuk”‘ Hall and Matt ‘(B)eat it!’ Nicolson

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P.P.S. Yesterday’s middle names – Paul McKenna is rhyming slang for a tenner and Bo Derek was in the film 10.

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