“You don’t notice the odd pound do you?”

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It was our monthly Coaching Day last Monday.

Where we do assessments, interpretation and goal setting with our members.

And a mini workout.

I was chatting to a new member.

While punching her details into the system I noticed from her date of birth that she’s approaching 50.

I asked if she has any plans for it.

She told me how she and three friends had been saving up for a holiday together.

Putting all their pound coins in a money box.

Because “You don’t notice the odd pound do you?”.

But, after four years, it’s added up to the cost of a holiday.

I bet if they hadn’t have been doing this, they wouldn’t have noticed those extra pounds available here and there over the last 1,500 days.

It’s a little tweak that adds up to big results over time.

Like some of the changes we can make to our lifestyle.

Fast progress is nice, of course.

And it can play an important part of our journey (research shows a quick start transitioning into longer term progress and maintenance has a higher success rater than ‘slow and steady’ from the start, which is part of the reason we run our 20lbs and Beach Body challenges, which you can find out more about here –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting).

But, if experience has taught me anything, it’s that the periods of fast progress are what we find easiest.

It’s the bits in-between that we struggle with.

Little changes to our activity levels and eating that we can maintain…………

The equivalent to the odd pound coin here and there………..

That all add up over time………

Coupled with the occasional ‘sprint’ here and there, when we feel able………..

That will get us there.

And are perhaps, therefore, the things we should concentrate on.

Much love,

Jon ‘Job’ Hall and Matt ‘Bins’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall

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