“You don’t want it badly enough”

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Have you ever heard someone say “They just didn’t want it enough”?

Maybe about their efforts to lose weight, get in better shape, etc.

Has anyone ever said it about you?

Have you ever said it about yourself?

It’s usually meant rather derogatorily.

The thing is though…………..

It’s actually kinda right.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are lots of things I kinda want in life.

I’d quite like to be able to play a musical instrument.

But I’ve never so much as booked a single lesson.

I’d like to be able to sing better.

I did some lessons last year, but they kinda fell by the wayside when they became logistically more difficult.

I’d kinda like to be a bit stronger than I am.

I’m fairly strong compared to people who don’t exercise.

But nothing compared to some.

But I can’t really be bothered with the extra volume of training, injury prevention work, etc needed.

And have settled at ‘reasonably strong’.

I’d like more money, but am not willing to work more hours, with a very busy wife and fours kids over three nurseries / schools with a 50 mile round trip (soon to be four and 58 miles).

————- I’ve just checked on google maps and I’ve been saying the the existing run was 22 miles each way for 7 years, turns out it’s 25 ————–

I’d like a bit more sleep, but am not willing to sacrifice any more time than I already do.

Every single one of you will be better at me (and the other coaches) at some things.

And this is all ok with me.

I don’t want any of these things badly enough.

I’d do something about them if I did.

Sometimes the work required is more than we are willing to do.


That doesn’t mean there isn’t a result and reflective amount of work that we do “want badly enough”.

We aren’t limited to the two options of where we are now and what we see on the cover of health and fitness magazines (often photoshopped too).

Or whatever our goal is.

We can settle on what we do want badly enough, and the work involved in that, that it ok with us.

And, more importantly perhaps, we can question how hard some of these things actually are.

How much work is genuinely involved.

How much is physical effort and how much is mental resistance.

Of wanting to do something else counter productive as well, perhaps.

We might not be willing to go at 100mph.

To do what needs to be done to get that.

We might not “want it badly enough”.

And that’s fine.

Don’t let anyone tell your otherwise.

But that doesn’t mean we need to go into reverse.

We can, possibly, take the brakes off somewhat………..

And coast a long somewhere between 20 and 60mph, circumstance dependant.

Much love,

Jon ‘To the bones’ Hall and Matt ‘Shamone’ Nicholson

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