You look like a man who has trouble satisfying his wife

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A random line from The Simpsons popped into my head the other day.

Not new Simpsons.

Classic 90s Simpsons.

A quick Google tells me the episode was Seeason 6 – Episode 10 ‘Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy’.

Which first aired on my mum’s birthday in 1994 (I won’t tell you which one that was as she reads these).

In it Homer and Grandpa travel from town to town selling “Simpson and Son’s Revitalizing Tonic”.

Grandpa’s sales tactics are reasonable:

“Put some ardor in your larder with our energizing, moisturizing, tantalizing, romanticizing, surprising, her-prizing, revitalizing tonic……. a bottle of liquid Lothario, distilled Don Juan, catalytically- carbonated Cassanova. Lock old Rover in the shed, ’cause man has a new best friend in Simpson & Son’s revitalizing tonic.”

Homer’s approach is rather less effective as he taps a passing man on the shoulder and says “Sir! Uh, hello sir! Yes, you look like a man who needs help satisfying his wife.”

And receives a punch to the face for his troubles.

Becuase that’s not what anyone wants to hear.

And, I’m sure, not how most who would like a little change in that department would see the situation.


That’s kinda how most of our industry speaks to the people they are, in theory, trying to help.

Painting them out to be some kinda loser who needs the help that only they, the FitPro can provide.

Marketing the six pack abs, high end physical performance and ‘social media highlights only’ lifestyle that just feels too far away for lost people.

Treating the work, business, kids, family, other commitments, injuries, illness and more as ‘excuses’.

Making them even less likely to actually put their hands up and ask for a bit of assistance.

Because there’s nothing wrong with that.

Show me someone who’s completely, 100% happy with every single aspect of their life and I’ll show you someone who’s not achieving all they could.

Which, of course, they don’t have to.

But benefiting from a bit of help because we want to do better in some areas is absolutely fine.

We all can.

And often those that seem to be doing better aren’t doing better because they’ve never needed any help.

It’s because they’ve happily taken various bits of help along the way, when needed.

So, if you need a bit of help, that’s fine.

That’s what we’re here for.

But help can only ever be a two way thing.

We can’t do it “to you”.

Reach out, hit reply.

Let us know you could do with a bit of assistance.

Like we all could.

Because life can be hard.

Much love,

Jon ‘and sons and step-daughter and dog’ Hall

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