You never really stop

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If you’ve read these blogs for a while, you’ve probably hear me talking about “slowing down and speeding up as circumstance dictates. Just not stopping”.

I had a profound thought about that the other day.

The blog title has probably given it away.

We never really ‘stop’.

If we think we do it, perhaps, suggests we’re thinking about it all in a way that, maybe, doesn’t serve us best.

We never stop eating.

Not for long.

We never stop moving.

Again, not for long.

All eating and all movement is on a ‘spectrum’.

To the left, the way of doing it that’s the very worst way for your health, body, energy levels, longer term happiness and so on (and not always all at the same time and to the same degree, of course).

To the right the way that is best for some or all of these things.

We can’t stop “taking care of our selves”.

Just it can be really bad care, really good care or anywhere in between.

And we’ll slide up and down that spectrum an amount on daily basis.

But we can’t stop.

Not till the day we draw our last breath.

When we think of ‘starting’ and ‘stopping’ we’re thinking of specific versions of these things.

Being “on a diet”.

Going to a particular location to do specific, somewhat challenging movements.

And they kinda feel like things that we don’t really want to do and we’re going to make ourselves do.

At least for now.

Where ‘not doing it’ becomes a reason to do not it some more.

If we just view it as something we’ll do all the time…………

As treating our body with love, care and respect………..

As giving it what it needs to be how we’d like it to be………..

More often than not, anyway…………..

Then it becomes a different conversation.

Speed up and slow down as circumstance dictates (this link is the first step in how every single one of our members massively increased their average speed – – >

There is no stop!

Much love,

Jon ‘Right now, thank you very much’ Hall and Matt ‘The Cavalry’ Nicholson

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