“You only work part time, don’t you?”

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12 years ago I was on holiday in LA.

I had to go into a bank for some reason I forget.

To do with money I should imagine 😉

Whilst chatting to the ‘teller’, he asked where we were from.

And when I told him, he replied with “You Brits only work part time, don’t you?”

Which I thought was a bit odd.

But it is true that the average American does work a a few more hours than the average Brit.

34.25 versus 32.25 according to t’interweb.

————— Total average hours worked per year divided by 52 – excludes holidays and breaks ————-

China has the highest with 46.

In Germany it’s just 26.

Personally I wouldn’t see the average two hour difference between America and here as us “working part time”.

Based on that, what must the Chinese think of Americans (and, even more so, Germans).

It’s remarkably easy to see our way of doing things as ‘normal’.

And that anything even a little different to that is somewhat ‘abnormal’.

I must have been asked a few thousand times if I eat “High protein”.

Or “Low carb”.

And whilst it’s probably true that I have a bit more protein and a bit less carbs than the average person, I just see that as a ‘balanced diet’.

And, if pushed, I’d probably say most people are eating “Low protein and high carb”.

Which is fine if that’s what they want to do, of course.

Nowt wrong with carbs and I don’t avoid them.

I just make sure I get enough protein.

If I then had a ‘normal’ amount of carbs and fat as well, then I’d probably be in a calorie surplus.

So I don’t.

Some might say that our average member “doesn’t eat sweets / cake / biscuits”.

Or “drink”.

And they’d be wrong.

Sure, they might have less of these than they used to and that the average person does.

But that’s not ‘none’.

Ultimately, eat how you like.

If it’s getting you the results you desire, you’re happy enough doing it and doesn’t have any adverse effects on health, then go for it.

If it isn’t (or doesn’t), then maybe try some adjustments?

Much love,

Jon ‘Works a lot more hours than some of our local ‘competition’ like to tell people’ Hall and Matt ‘Part time lover’ Nicholson

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