You want the hole

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A mistake most FitPros make is that they try and sell you their ‘method’.

The way they do things.

The sessions.

The workouts.

The equipment they use.

Their programming.

All valid things of course.

All important parts of getting someone closer to their health and fitness goals.


No one really joins a facility for these things.

They join for the result they can bring about.

And the experience of achieving these results.

When you buy a drill bit, it’s not the bit itself you want.

It’s the hole it creates.

And, really, what that hole then allows.

The mirror or pictures you can hang.

The furniture you can assemble and then use.

You may choose to invest some more cash in a higher quality bit (and drill) that makes the drilling easier and more enjoyable.

But it’s still the hole and what that allows that you want.

You don’t really want ‘exercise’ as such.

You want the leaner, stronger, fitter, faster, less pained, healthier body

And, really, what that body then allows.

The fun stuff you can do.

For longer.

The feeling better.

Exercise can be made to be as enjoyable as possible.

And that’s what we work hard to do.

But when the people who are selling us that exercise tell us how much they love it and how amazing they feel………..

And we don’t quite feel the same…………

It’s easy to lose the enthusiasm for it.

When we accept that exercise is largely a means to an end.

When we realise that it can be relatively enjoyable……………

But that we wouldn’t do it without the benefits it brings…………..

And that it’s more than worth it for those benefits (check if getting those benefits, whilst having fun with like minded people in an intimidation free atmosphere are something you like the sound of) ……………

When we accept we’re after the hole and what that allows…………..

Rather than the drill bit itself…………..

Then it all becomes a bit (pardon the pun) easier to maintain.

Much love,

Jon ‘Courtney Love’ Hall and Matt ‘Celebrity Skin’ Nicholson

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