“You’ll never have to wait for anything”

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Although I do most of my training at The Academy, I am also a member of a nearby by gym.

Mainly as I go swimming with my kids there and having a membership only works out a couple of pounds a month more than just paying each time we go.

And I can use the athletics track and do the occasional workout there when the kids are in swimming or gymnastic lessons.

I was having a workout the other day when I overheard one of the instructors doing an induction for a new starter.

The member asked if they’d ever have to wait for any equipment.

“You’ll never have to wait for anything. We’ve got plenty of equipment”

And whilst it’s true that they have a lot of equipment, I immediately saw the flaw.

A quick count showed 83 bits of equipment.

Lets say most people go for an hour.

The gym is open for 101 hours per week.

So, you could, on average, have 8,383 member visits assuming completely even distribution of times and equipment needs (unlikely).

Three member visits per week per member (as recommended) equals a theoretical maximum of 2,794 members.

Realistically, you’ve got to half that for it to be anywhere near feasible.

They have, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, considerably more members than that.

And, I’ll be honest, when I’ve been in there there’s normally between 5 and 30 people in.

Standard gym model that.

The 80% that attend some frequency between never and ‘not that often’ subsidise the membership for those that go regularly.

It’s how all gyms operate (we’re not a gym, remember).

If they were limited to the amount of people who they could support going three or more times per week, the rates would be about 5 times higher than they are.

Basic maths you can do on any gym based on equipment and member numbers.

But, that’s fine.

That’s their model.

You rent access to equipment.

And whether or not you know what you’re doing, go or get any results, no one knows or cares.

You usually only hear from them when your DD doesn’t go through.

And if you’re in the 20% that does attend regularly (or, really, in the 5 to 10% that achieves and maintains the results they joined for), then that’s cool.

Gyms are great value then.

What we do is work with people for whom that isn’t their cup of tea.

Who’ve never really got what they want from the ‘gym model’.

Who are, actually, part of the overwhelming majority who haven’t.

And because the vast majority of our members do come frequently, and get results somewhere between ‘better than before’ and ‘amazing’…………

We can only divide our total costs of running the facility, the programme, the support systems, etc across the number of members we can actually support.

There is no ‘other 80%’ to subsidise the membership for the 20% who come.

Because that 20% is actually 95%+ (some join and cancel without getting into it regularly – our usage and results are good enough as they are without having to pretend they are 100%).

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with any ‘structure’.

As long as the user is aware of the probability of them getting what they want from it.

And they’re happy with that.

If you’ve not been happy with being part of the 90%+ of people who don’t get the results they want from being a member of a gym, you might feel ready to try something different. The find out more meeting is already less that two weeks away. No pressure, no sales, just see if it’s for you –> www.theacademygtc.co.uk/briefing-meeting.

Much love,

Jon ‘not, want not’ Hall and Matt ‘a minute’ Nicholson

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