Your scarf it was apricot

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I may as well complete a whole week of song inspired insights, while I’m at it 😉

Do you remember ‘You’re so vain’ by Carly Simon.

She confirmed a few years ago that the second verse is about former flame Warren Beatty who was long suspected to be the subject of the whole song.

Only two people know who the rest of the verses are about.

Carly herself, of course.

And former NBC Sports president Dick Ebersol, who paid $50,000 in a 2003 to auction to have the secret revealed to him.

There’s something else about not many people know about the song.

The last word of the sixth line.

The last word of the fourth one isn’t easy.

But I’ve given you that in the blog title.

Let’s see if you know it:

You walked into the party
Like you were walking on to a yacht
Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
Your scarf, it was apricot
You had one eye in the mirror
As you watched yourself…………………….

Go on.

What is he watching himself do?

I’ve heard that song many times over the years .

And never had any clue what that word was.

It’s ‘gavotte’.

A “‘medium paced French dance, popular in the 18th century” don’t you know?

No, me neither.

It’s funny though, because when I listen back to it now, she’s clearly saying that.

Couldn’t be anything else.

Often happens doesn’t it?

You can’t make a out a song lyric.

Or you mishear it as something else.

“Money for nothin’ and chips for free” or “I can see clearly now, Lorraine is gone” anyone?

When you find out what it says, you can never hear it wrong again.

Or when you finally, get one of those ‘magic eye posters’ and can see it instantly for ever more.

Something just changes in your head.

In seconds.

And it sticks.

And it can be the same with the way we view our health and fitness.

Just a change in the way we view it.

And the things that affect it.

How we see food can go from “diet”, “restriction”, “cutting out” and so on………….

To “giving a sh!t about what we put in our body because of how it makes us look and feel”………….

In and instant.

Or it can take a lifetime / never happen.

Exercise can forever more be something we have to make ourselves do because we “should”.

Or to work towards some far off goal that we “need” to do.

Or it can change instantly to “what’ll make me feel better today”.

Eating to lose weight can be about different coloured days, combinations, timings and various other potentially confusing rules.

Or we can instantly accept it’s down to a calorie deficit.

And we can choose the methods that best fit us to achieve that core principal.

All of the above can happen instantly and never go back.

If we choose them to!

Much love,

Jon ‘Clouds in my coffee’ Hall

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