You’re obsessed with cleaning your teeth

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I would guess you’ve probably cleaned your teeth practically every day since you were a small child.

Morning and night.

It’s one of the first things you think of when you wake up.

One of the last things you think about before you go to bed.

Some might say you’re obsessed with cleaning your teeth.

You would probably say that’s a bit strong.

“It’s just a normal thing to do that makes sense. Takes care of my teeth. Why wouldn’t I do it?” you may reply.

And perfectly fairly.

But there are plenty of other things we do that make sense………..

That take care of our health, body, energy levels, etc…………

That it’s tempting to think of as being obsessive if we do them “too much”.

Exercise most days?


Eat fresh, nutritious food that makes you look and feel good……….

And not too much……….

With less energy packed, nutrient sparse stuff………

Most of the time………..?


Drink more water than we do caffeinated drinks?



Check social media dozens of times per day?

Perfectly normal.

Watch TV for hundreds of minutes most days?

Perfectly normal.

Regularly drink because “we’ve had a hard day” or “deserve it”.

Perfectly normal.

Nothing wrong with any of those last three things.

But we all know too much of them isn’t great for us.

So, why is ‘too much’ of them considered perfectly normal and a more than average amount of stuff that good for us is considered ‘obsessed’?

As always, do what you like with your time.

Don’t let us or anyone else tell you otherwise.

Never feel guilty for your choices if you’re happy with them.


It’s, perhaps, sometimes worth questioning what behaviours we, as a society consider ‘perfectly normal’ and ‘obsessed’.

And why………..

Much love,

Jon ‘Only have 26 teeth’ Hall

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